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It is your responsibility to ensure that ALL members of your party accept the terms of this contract as set out below.

To confirm the reservation for your holiday, the confirmation/booking form must be returned with a deposit of 25% of the total within 48 hours of the verbal/email booking. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance needs to be paid 6 weeks before your holiday together with a £300 refundable security deposit. (£300 for up to 2 weeks of rental) The security deposit will be returned within 10 days of the end of your holiday, less any monies for chargeable telephone calls and/or severe breakages. We do not charge for minor breakages but do ask that you let us know if something meets with an accident so that we can replace/repair it before the next guests are due. In the event of a major breakage such as a window or piece of furniture we would expect the hirer to cover the cost of replacement.

Payments can be made by cheque, payable to Mrs K Peacham-George and sent to Penlee Cottage,
Hemerdon, Plymouth, Devon PL7 5BU, or by bank transfer - Account number 24200168, sort code 77-09-21, account name Mrs K Peacham-George. If you would like to pay in euros then please request bank details and use for exchange rates on the transfer day.

Please ensure that you have adequate holiday insurance for cancellation, accidents, hospitalisation and return of yourselves and vehicle/s to your home address. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents, break-ins or theft within the property during your stay. 

In the event of cancellation of the holiday by yourselves:
More than 8 weeks prior to departure – No charge.
4-8 weeks prior to departure – 50% of total rental.
2-4 weeks prior to departure – 75% of total rental.
Less than 2 weeks prior to departure – 100% of total rental.
In the unlikely event of anything occurring outside of our control causing the property to be unavailable, a full refund of all monies will be paid although we will make every effort to either arrange alternative accommodation for the same period or other acceptable dates.

We cannot accept liability for any injury, loss or damage, consequential or otherwise suffered by you or any other member of your party, unless there was wilful default by us or our employees, or unless personal injury or death was caused by our negligence.

You as the person booking the house have to fully understand the potential dangers that swimming pools present to infants, children, teenagers and adults, and fully understand and agree to abide by ALL of the Swimming Pool Safety Rules below - this notice is also posted at the house. You have to agree to take full responsibility for the safety of all members of your party and agree to completely free the property owners from any liability, loss, damage or expense, including without limitation, legal fees and cost of litigation, resulting from any swimming pool accidents or incidents occurring at the property. The pool is protected by a fence and gate which complies with or exceeds the current regulations, but you must ensure that the gate is kept closed at all times. 

As there is an external key safe, there is no need for the keys to leave the property. However, in the event of loss of the keys there will be a £50 charge for replacement.

The maximum number of guests must not exceed 12 (+ 2 babies) in number or be any other than those named on the booking form. If this legal requirement is not met, your booking will be terminated and you will be asked to leave, with no refund made. We do not accept singles groups e.g stag or hen parties.

Smoking is forbidden inside the house but you may smoke anywhere in the grounds, on the balcony and deck areas provided that all cigarette butts are removed and disposed of.

The house will be available to you from 4pm on the first day of rental and we need you to vacate by 9.30am on the last day of rental to enable cleaning for following guests, please ensure you adhere to this as overstaying causes the cleaners significant issues/delays and is unfair on them and the guests following you. You must ensure that all members of your party understand this and that you leave sufficient time to strip bedding and put it and towels etc in the laundry room in the bags provided, empty all bins and dishwasher, leaving the house tidy and swept.
Should there be no bookings immediately before or after your stay, we can of course change these times to suit you but you must have our express permission beforehand.

Pets will only be accepted by prior arrangement. Have a look at the Dog Page for more info.

Following recent events, regrettably we now have to impose a charge if waste disposal and recycling procedures are not followed as per local authority requirements. Full instructions are at the house, but briefly they are, all waste to be tied up in bags (green top bin, must not include paper, glass, tins, plastic bottles etc). Recycling bin (yellow top) to have cardboard, paper and tins only (loose, not in a bag). Glass bottles and plastics to be taken by you to recycling banks at the local recycling areas. 
Charges for non-compliance are as follows:
£10 per bag/box of bottles or plastics that we have to dispose of for you.
£50 minimum per external bin that the authorities won’t empty because bin bags are either not tied up or include items that should be recycled (they will check the bags) or have been put incorrectly into the recycling bin, causing the bins to be emptied out and re-sorted by our cleaners. 
The cost of any fines imposed by the local authority for not following recycling rules could also be passed onto you. We really really really don’t want to charge you anything, so please please recycle, the locals take it very seriously. 


The telephone number at the house (from the UK) is 0033 966 85 03 70 should friends or family wish to call you. The telephone package we have at the house includes international calls to landlines only to most countries but do check that your country is included in this before making any calls. Calls to countries that are not included or calls to mobile phones will be charged at cost and deducted from your security deposit. The list is in the Welcome Folder.

Additional facilities such as the use of the telephone and internet access are provided subject to availability and may become unavailable at any time although we will always do our utmost to supply unbroken service. 
The availability of these additional services does not form part of the contract to provide accommodation.


We offer Estuary House as a holiday home for you and ask that you take care that the peace and tranquillity of the neighbourhood is not disturbed, please be aware of and respect immediate neighbours. 


Failure to disclose all relevant information or comply with these terms may lead to termination of the contract and loss of booking.

We sincerely hope you have a fabulous holiday and enjoy everything that Estuary House and
Brittany have to offer!


  • Never leave your child unattended in the pool or by the estuary. Don’t be distracted by other people and if you have to leave the pool or waterside take your child with you.

  • Make sure that the child-safe gate in the pool fence is fully latched closed at all times, especially important if children are in the garden on their own. Be vigilant around the pool at all times.

  • Don’t rely on swimming lessons or flotation devices to protect your child in the water, watch them at all times.

  • Never dive head-first into the pool or the estuary.

  • Don’t dive from the side of the pool or the steps, enter the water feet first.

  • Never swim following the consumption of alcohol or other drugs.

  • Never use the pool with its cover partially in place, children may become trapped underneath it. Remove the cover completely.

  • Keep toys away from the pool area, a young child playing with the toys could accidentally fall into the water.

  • In the estuary, beware of fast-flowing water, submerged objects and deep water.

  • Beware of slippery paths alongside the estuary.

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: Only you can prevent an accident. Watch your child closely at all times, young children can quickly slip away into the water and get into serious difficulties.

The View from Estuary House

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