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Pet Passports are out,

Animal Health Certificates are in!

Thankfully, post-Brexit travel for dogs is not as complicated as it could have been. As before, you need your dog to be microchipped and they need a rabies jab, this can be carried out by most vets. Following the first rabies vaccination you have to wait 21 days before re-entering the UK; the rabies vaccine is then valid for 3 years. It is not necessary for any other vaccinations to be taken.

The only difference now is that pets need an Animal Health Certificate instead of a Pet Passport. Again this is obtained at your vet practice and must be dated not more than 10 days before travel. It will be valid for 4 months and you'll also need proof of microchip and rabies vaccination.

On leaving France, your dog is required to have a worming tablet administered by a vet between 24hrs and 5 days before arriving on British soil.  See the Defra site for latest guidelines and more detail.

Image of a whippet paddling in the estuary, with water rippling around him.

Snoops paddling in the estuary

Dogs can roam anywhere throughout Estuary House although we prefer them to stay out of the bedrooms if possible in respect of following guests who may have sensitivities or allergies to pet hair.

If you need your dog to be in the bedroom with you then please contact us, we may be able to arrange something for you.


There's a fridge freezer in the garage for the raw feeding camp. 

I haven't found any decent frozen dog food in French pet stores, but they do sell packs of waste meat in all supermarkets in the meat sections, labelled 'dechets pour les animaux' but it can be expensive, and considering that some human-grade pork cuts for example are about 2.99€ a kilo I will usually buy that if I've run out. Meats are often on special offer and very often cheaper than their waste packs.

Image of a spaniel eating raw steak
Image of 3 dogs on deserted, sandy Kersigenou beach in Brittany

Empty sandy beaches 

Beach etiquette for dogs

French culture is such that although there are rules for everything, the French largely ignore them! Be sensible and don't let your dog be a nuisance to others and you should be fine.  So, although a lot of beaches in Brittany will have a 'No Dogs' sign, it's acceptable for you to take your dog on the beach providing you keep it under control and always clean up any mess. The French aren't very good at doing this though! 


  • Please be aware that dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms. (unless specifically agreed with us) If you need your dog to be on or in the bed with you then please let us know but also please bring your own bedding.

  • Please bring throws/fleeces to use on the sofas in the the sitting room and library.

  • If the cleaners find it necessary to have the rugs and cushions dry-cleaned at the end of your stay then we'll have to deduct the cost from your security deposit. This would only be in the event that they had soiled those items or that they smelt particularly 'doggy' - we love dogs but appreciate that other people renting the property after you may not feel the same.

  • You must not allow your dog in the pool. The amount of bacteria that a dog carries will ‘use up’ all of the sanitising chlorine in the water almost immediately and will take days to get back to normal. Meanwhile the water quality will no longer be safe for the rest of your family. 

  • No pets or animals other than those specified are allowed on the premises. 

  • There must be NO evidence of your pet left in the garden at all, please bag and bin all deposits into the green-lidded bin.

  • Please hoover up dog hairs inside the house frequently and on your departure. 

  • Dogs must NOT be left on their own in the house unless confined in a dog crate. We’ve had too much damage done by home-alone dogs, mostly by one of our own whippets when she was 9 months old! 

  • There is a £10 charge per dog per week. 

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