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Just a few notes on how we’re keeping you and our staff safe in these challenging times.



  • Estuary House will be cleaned as normal (cleaners wearing PPE) but in addition, ‘high touch’ areas like door handles, light switches and banisters will be wiped with disinfectant. We have provided this same disinfectant in the kitchen for your use. We’re also providing each guest (over the age of 5) with their own pack of wipes that are certified effective against Covid-19 so feel free to wipe anything that may be of concern. 


  • Cushions in the sitting room are rotated with at least a week in between use, however we have removed bedspreads, cushions and other soft furnishings from all the other rooms. 


  • As we can’t sanitise all the books, games, DVDs etc please either wipe them or wash your hands after use.


  • We ask guests to leave the house in a clean and tidy condition as cleaning will now take longer due to our new hygiene practices. This will help to reduce the risk to our cleaners. Please leave promptly at 9.30am.


Disinfectant we’re using: Zep Debac (effective against coronavirus)

Wipes for you: Clinell Antimicrobial (effective against coronavirus)




  • Please bag all bedding including mattress protectors, pillow protectors, towels and bath mats. It’s imperative that all of the above is put into the laundry bags supplied in the laundry room and secured to close. Please, we can’t have any piles of bedding lying around or overflowing from the bags. The laundry bag straps must be secured. This will limit the level of contact that our cleaners will have with these items. Many thanks for your assistance with this request.


  • If you wish to supply your own bed linen and towels then please let me know. Only the beds that will be used will be made up in order to stop possible contamination of unused bedlinen, so could you let me know how many beds you’d like made up please. 


This is the bedroom configuration:

Bed 1 - Double bed, child’s bed, ensuite shower room. Space for a cot or two.

Bed 2 - Twin room with ensuite shower and hand basin. Space for a cot or two

These two rooms are at loft level and share a toilet on the landing.

Bed 3 - Double bed, hand basin. Space for a cot.

Bed 4 - Double bed, hand basin. No space for a cot.

Bed 5 - Double bed. Space for a cot.

Bed 6 - Small twin room, one bed pulls out from under the other but they’re full-size single beds.

Or use just one bed plus room for a cot.




  • Please ensure that you follow all Government Guidance on travel if you are unwell before arrival. If anyone becomes unwell during their stay we ask that you return home.


  • We cannot accept guests isolating at our property. We cannot offer refunds if you cannot complete your stay, early departure does not warrant a rental decrease. If guests are not well enough to travel home and need to extend their stay at Estuary House, they will be liable for the additional rental cost and any subsequent cancellations incurred.


  • We urge you to please ensure that you have adequate Travel Insurance. 


  • Lastly, wash your hands often, wear a mask in public and don’t touch your face. 



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